Second Placement Service

American Adjustment Bureau offers a low cost, highly customized, second placement program; we are willing and eager to take accounts that have been returned to you after initially being listed with your primary collection service.

We consider these accounts to be an opportunity to showcase our successful debt collection processes, as well as further improve your cash flow.

Our rates for this service are comparable to what many agencies offer for first placement collection service. We can offer a low rate on second placement accounts because of the confidence that we have in our ability to collect additional money for you!

We will implement all of the same collection resources that we use on our first placement accounts. We are confident that our superior procedures and collection ability will result in additional dollars to you.

Having another agency re-work your accounts makes good business sense as well.  Our second placement program not only assists our clients in validating the performance of their current vendors, but will also generate a significant amount of needed additional revenue.

Now, more than ever, healthcare providers must maximize the recovery of every self pay account and we know we can help.

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