Self-Pay/Co-Pay Deductible

American Adjustment Bureau, Inc. offers a flexible Self-Pay and Co-pay and Deductible Service designed specifically for your needs to increase your cash flow and foster patient goodwill. You will benefit from our expertise, low cost, and a reduction in your bad debt write-off.

American will bill your Self-Pay and Co-pay and Deductible from Day One and conduct a timely and proactive follow-up to ensure that the accounts are resolved and converted into an operational cash flow for you.

All of our billings and follow-up will be conducted in a professional manner as we are cognizant of the fact that we are acting as a representative of your facility. We conduct this Self-Pay and Co-pay and Deductible service treating the patients with the utmost respect and dignity to enhance and maintain the Patient/Hospital relationship.

While we are aware of the public relation climate that exists in the Health Care Industry, our goal is to increase your cash-flow while providing much needed relief to your staff. Our tactful and experienced dealing with Self-Pay patients allows us to accomplish this.

It is our corporate policy to hire experienced and knowledgeable people who realize the significance of the Patient/Hospital Relationship as well as the necessity to return dollars to your facility.

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