Workers Compensation Service

American Adjustment Bureau specializes in Workers’ Compensation claim billing and recovery. With a historical recovery rate of 90% or better, within 60 days of bill submission, we are the industry’s top performerdelivering to you knowledge, experience and results in Workers’ Compensation recovery.

You hire specialists to handle your business needs such as computer programming, accounting and other time consuming areas that are not cost effective to manage internally. Why not hire a Workers’ Compensation recovery collection specialist to manage your workers’ compensation accounts?

It makes good sense for a company to retain a third party to get involved in these accounts before they become extremely aged and more costly to collect.

For a very low contingent fee, we can become an extension of your collection staff and increase your cash flow.

Because different employers and different insurance carriers follow various internal procedures for workers’ compensation claims, medical providers are confronted with a wide array of procedures in order to get the work-injury related medical bills paid.

This proves to be a timely affair for your staff. It also proves to be costly in that it takes them away from more profitable insurance follow ups that eliminate timely filing issues.

We provide an all-encompassing solution to alleviate your staff of this burden. Please consider outsourcing you workers’ compensation claims to us.

We stand willing and able to totally customize our programto exactly fit your needs.

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