Ownership has dedicated their entire careers to the medical and consumer collection industry. The cross-section of personnel that comprises the collection team are seasoned agents with various backgrounds in the collection and accounts receivable industry, and many have been with the firm for a majority of its years of operation.


Through our membership in ACA International, the Association of Credit, and Collection Professionals, we have access to extensive education programs that keep collectors up-to-date on federal laws relating to credit and collections and on professional collection techniques.


All collection staff also studies, is tested and achieve certification certified through Peak Revenue’s Learning’s Knowledgesource which is an education and compliance training application that helps us meet and exceed the compliance and quality of service expectations of clients, regulators, and management.


Knowledgesource is a cloud-based employee education, compliance training, and knowledge retention application where management and ownership accomplish the following for all staff. 


  • Implement a continuous knowledge reinforcement training cycle.


  • Present policies for review, acceptance, and to promote accountability.


  • Enhance employee education programs by easily creating and assigning training.


  • Create and administer tests to validate knowledge and certify all staff.


  • Conduct surveys to gain valuable employee feedback.