Here at American Adjustment Bureau, we offer a low cost, highly customized second placement program. We also make accommodations to take any accounts that have been returned to you after initially being listed with your primary collection service.

We offer a low-rates on second placement accounts, and implement the same collection resources that we use on our first placement accounts. Our program not only assists our clients with the performance of their current vendors, but can also help generate additional revenue.

We consider our second placement program as an opportunity to showcase our successful debt collection process, as well as prove to our clients that having our agency re-work their accounts can be a smart business move.

Second Placement Collections Experts

American Adjustment Bureau’s effective and proven second placement services have been designed to efficiently support front-line collection practices. Essentially, we help you recover more revenue before it’s written-off, providing a deep-dive analytical assessment. Our assessments allocate additional0hands on attention to the accounts that demand the most follow-up support.

We take pride in a being a second placement specialist. We work diligently to quickly clean-up accounts that either haven’t been processed yet or didn’t yield the first placement results you had hoped for.

Let us provide you with our expertise and commitment to customer care!

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