While American is a well-established and experienced agency, it is also at the forefront of implementing the latest technology in the collections industry. American uses a combination of its Linux-based mainframe server and PCs through a 10BaseT/100BaseTX/1000BaseTX Gigabit Local Area Network, interfaced with a 128-bit encrypted Cisco router for broadband Internet connectivity.

The Connecticut Hospital Association administers this network.

Auto-dialer /IVR Technology

We utilize the most current auto-dialer /IVR technology available: CR Software’s Mercury Dialer. This is a Predictive Dialer with auto-dialer, power dialer, and preview dialer capabilities. This product’s superior inbound/outbound call management technology, used in concert with the Platinum System, creates the ultimate collection call center solution for our clients.

The Mercury Predictive Dialer (MPD) is an integrated, real-time, online predictive dialing system that works seamlessly with our Platinum Collection Resource System to create a fully integrated and automated collections software package that meets – and exceeds – your needs.

Collectors on our dialer can receive inbound calls as well as place outbound ones. When a call comes in, the MPD searches our database for a record matching the caller’s account information and immediately displays it on-screen for our collectors’ instant use.

To maximize the efficiency of our dialer, the Mercury Messenger allows us to target outbound calling by customizing the messages the system plays when a consumer or answering machine picks up the call.

All collectors are equipped at their stations to perform the following tasks.

  • Insurance eligibility verifications.
  • New address and telephone number searches.
  • Property owner verifications.
  • Searches by Social Security Numbers.
  • Bankruptcy and Judgment lien searches.
  • Residential and business searches.

All transmissions are encrypted with the latest technology to insure the utmost confidentiality.

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