Delinquent Accounts Service

With solid experience in the medical collections business, we know firsthand the most important aspects of providing quality results, customer service, and fostering patient goodwill. This is because we’ve taken the time to develop and refine the best practices for every detail related to data access and client negotiations processes.

You will be able to observe these best practices enforced each time you interact with American Adjustment Bureau, Inc. We make the difference through our nationwide reputation, years of combined team experience, and the wide range of resources available at our disposal.

Of course, these capabilities come only through experience, knowledge, forethought, practice, and discipline

Our essential task is to focus on workable solutions to expand our operational and technological demands, to assure enduring growth and profitability, to anticipate market trends and rapidly respond to those changes, always in the best interest of our clients and their patients.

American Adjustment Bureau has made a commitment to implement the latest in collection industry technology to better serve its clientele, and will remain in the forefront in this field. American Adjustment Bureau was incorporated to answer the timely call of the medical community: a need for a dependable recovery process…one that could exhibit reliable, large-scale collection performance, yet is able to accommodate the sensitivity and confidentiality associated with direct patient contact.

American offers the lowest rates in the industry and has historically out-performed its competition.

Because our history has proven it, we are confident that we will increase your cash flow.

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